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The talent idea of golden anchor:

The talent of valuing morality, the talent of ability, the talent of education and the emotion of the talent;
Choose the person who is good at morality: choose the employee who has both ability and morality first; Personnel by ability: to make the best of their talents, to let the employees settle down and do their best; Cultivation of talents: pay attention to talents' specialty, and make individualized career planning; Leave a person with sentiment: provide broad development space, create more the working environment of close affection and culture atmosphere.

Working view of golden anchor:

Therefore, we advocate the concept of "health, happiness, positivity and science". Company development is not only a combination of personal and corporate interests, sharing common ideals and values with each golden anchor person is the source of promoting enterprise growth. Golden anchor group provides complete compensation and welfare guarantee, providing broad development space for each employee.

The way of personnel:

Attitude decides height, then can expand space

Talent is the biggest driving force for the growth of golden anchor, which cannot take off without talent, so the company attaches great importance to the discovery and cultivation of talent. Talents are the source power of enterprise growth and development. A high-quality talent team is the fresh force of enterprise development and progress. Therefore, we fully respect and cherish talents. In the golden anchor, as long as it is a talent, it will be useful; With talent, you will be provided with a wide stage. As long as it is gold, it will not be used as silver. Because we are in the rapid development period, the company needs an excellent talent team, here you can fully exert your intelligence, can maximize the realization of their own value and dream, the company will also provide you with the most extensive stage and the most sufficient career space. You are the driving force of the company, the company is you sow the dream and harvest the dream place.

Staff life:

Relaxation, bloom youth and wonderful

In addition to the intense work, the company organizes various activities to enrich the leisure life of the employees, adjust the work pressure and relax the body and mind. The leisure activities mainly include organizing tourism activities, carrying out expansion training, holding staff sports meeting and company party. Through abundant activities, employees not only relax themselves in entertainment, but also liven up the team atmosphere and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company.

Training and development:

Enterprises want to constantly progress and development depends on the continuous improvement of employees, so gold anchor has paid great attention to the construction of talent team since its establishment. High academic degree is not the talent's proof, only suits the enterprise development, can make the contribution to the enterprise is the enterprise really needs the talent; Talent is not eternal. If a person does not keep forging ahead, he will fall behind if he does not pay attention to strengthening his own cultivation, and thus cannot meet the needs of enterprise development and progress. Therefore, the enterprise provides training for its employees and enables them to achieve development through relearning, which is not only for the sake of their own development, but also an important strategy to realize the continuous development of the enterprise.

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