Commitment To Quality And After-Sales Service

In order to establish the supervision mechanism of product quality and service, and ensure to provide customers with excellent products and services, the company has made the following commitments to customers

Serve Customers Heart And Soul

Product Manufacturing Standards And Quality Star Guarantee

Our products are produced in strict accordance with national GB standards, and in accordance with iso9001:2008 quality system requirements for customers to provide services.
Requirements of the company's quality assurance system:
The company's quality policy: to provide customers with reliable products and satisfactory services.
Quality objectives of the company :
(1) no major quality complaints, general complaint handling rate 100%.
(2) the primary delivery and inspection qualification rate of the important processes is 100%, and the primary qualification rate of finished products is 99%.

Service Commitment

1. Pre-sales service
(1) if the user needs, help the user who is not familiar with the product to choose the most suitable product, the correct specification and model.
(2) receive users' visits warmly and promptly handle users' calls, letters, communication and other consultations.
2. In-sale service
(1) strictly organize production in accordance with the technical requirements of the contract and relevant national standards, ensure quality and quantity, and deliver goods at the agreed place on time.
(2) if required by the user, our company will provide free training for the user on the knowledge about the use of the hardware, and guide the user to the site for correct construction.
(3) in case of early delivery due to user's wrong selection, insufficient order quantity or special circumstances, our company will arrange production as soon as possible for urgent users, special treatment for special circumstances, and try our best to meet user requirements.
3. After-sales service
(1) from user requirements to solve the problems of the product in use after the notification, zhejiang Jin Mao hardware electrical co., LTD., reply within 8 hours, if need to the scene, the company sent out within 24 hours technical service personnel or appoint a local company sales company, special agencies, repair services, 逬 on-site service, and do the quality problem is not solved, the other workers not to evacuate.
(2) our company is solely responsible for the damage, quality problems and shortage of the products before delivery.
(3) during the quality guarantee period (12 months after the product is put into operation), the quality problems existing or occurred are indeed the responsibility of our company after confirmation by both parties. Our company is responsible for proper defect handling, replacement and return of goods for free, and promises to deliver the service within 10 days in general, and reasonable expenses shall be borne by our company.
(4) both parties confirm that the quality problem is caused by the user's responsibility, and our company will actively help solve it and try to meet the user's requirements.
(5) due to changes in user design and changes in product specifications, models and quantities, our company will respond positively to the urgent needs of users and try to meet their requirements; If the products ordered by the user exceed the actual needs or the original ordered products cannot continue to be used due to design changes, our company will actively cooperate with the user to do a good deal with the aftermath and reduce the burden on the user.
(6) if the user needs to provide technical guidance during installation and use, our company will send professional technicians to provide services free of charge to meet the user's requirements.
(7) the company set up user profiles, and regularly visit the user, to the user to and phone book clique, consult the user comments and Suggestions, advice to users and the quality problem of statistics and analysis, constantly improve the management of the company, further improve the quality of product quality and marketing services, the pursuit of perfection, to meet the needs of users.

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